Brody / Preulegem-Ninove


The preparation of this book has been a very proud moment for us as a family. It represents a moment where our home is completed, a moment where we realise our initial expectations for what our home would be, have been exceeded way beyond the initial concept or dream and with much joy and pride we now share its beauty with others. Our home is more than a construction, it’s our haven where every day and evening we return with a warm feeling. It reflects perfectly who we are as a family, how we live, but most importantly it really is our home.


The choice of Bart as architect was made 5 years before the construction began, a choice made purely based on the realisation that every home was exactly that: a home, not just a construction, whether the style was classic, modern or contemporary, each and every one reflected his unique style, with character, detail and warmth. And he didn’t impose, he took each and every one of our verbal ideas and integrated them into a concept, that was discussed, re-discussed, shaped, re-shaped an then transformed into reality.


Clodagh Nevin.